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That Little Studio is a Boutique Recording Studio in Los Angeles

A boutique recording studio in Los Angeles, nestled between DTLA and the vibrant KoreaTown neighborhood. Perfect for low key, intimate and affordable recordings - but not afraid to crank the pots either.


I know you love your gear, so we just have a few lil' extras that we thought would make your records sound real nice, and your time in the studio more relaxed and fun...​

We run on Pro Tools.


The Lost SongThe GodSquad
00:00 / 03:21

Indie Rock

UK 3 piece The GodSquad wanted to sound rough and ready, loud and with everything front and center (if you know what I mean!). The drums are mainly from the overhead mics with tweaks from the kick and snare mics for punch, along with the parallel compression. The vocals are heavily saturated (I LOVE Softube's Saturation Knob plugin, which I think is still FREE) and the guitar simple and crunchy. As someone famous once said - Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Push and PullPhil Surtees
00:00 / 03:23

Jazz and Brass/Horns

From my production album Suspense Jazz (featured in Netflix's Firefly Lane). The saxes are a P Mauriat System 76 and a couple of (sadly discontinued) Yamaha 62s, recorded separately using Shure clip mics and a large diaphragm condenser microphone in the corner of the room to pick up some natural and bass heavy reverb. There's a couple of tastefully programmed brass parts for depth and the drums are sampled using Toontrack's fantastic Superior Drummer Jazz Expansion, but it's mainly about the saxes!

CarouselJuliana Lustenader
00:00 / 03:38

Acoustic, Folk and Singer-Songwriter

I usually use a simple two mic setup for recording acoustic guitars. For this one it was a Shure SM57 for bite and dynamics and a Rode NTK for air and ambience. The NTK is also my go to vocal mic. We didn't add anything else to this particular track as Jules's voice is so good it's nice to just let it shine! The guitar was my Martin 00-15, sounds delicious! Left it pretty raw and intimate with fret and finger noises included and a very dry vocal.

$100 per hour for RECORDING* - mixing included!

* $125 per hour Friday, Saturday and Sunday - payable before recording


We'll have a full consult, discuss your needs, your likes and most importantly what YOU WANT the record to sound like. Send me reference tracks, previous recordings, demos - whatever you think will help me get to your page - there's no such thing as too much information. Want to sound like Joni Mitchell? Foo Fighters? Miles Davis? Have at it.


I will be ready.

We will record as efficiently as possible. I will need to do ad hoc bits of housekeeping to ensure we get everything and it all sounds awesome, but mainly you will play, and I will record. If you want any additional programmed/midi instruments I can arrange and produce those too. Also there's a fairly well stocked bar in the studio and legit authentic Mexican food next door.


We'll agree a timescale but I'll ordinarily have a 1st mix for you within a couple of (working) days. You get 3 rounds of approval, and then I will provide a 'studio master' (a simple but effective in-house mastering chain perfectly suitable for YouTube, Spotify etc) and also a mix-for-master in liaison with your mastering engineer.

Re-dos, overdubs, augmentation and additional instruments charged pro rata at $100 per hour.

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